VOTE DEc 31 for Our Next RICHLAND ONE School Board Commissioner

A father of four children in Richland One public schools, the chairman of a School Improvement Council, and the product of public schools himself, JONATHAN MILLING wants to help all Richland One students reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

Growing up as the son of a public school teacher and the grandson of a school librarian, JONATHAN MILLING learned at a young age the value of great public schools.  Jonathan is married to Cydney, and their four children attend Richland One schools. He and his family have been active members of the PTO and School Improvement Council.  

Jonathan is a small business owner of the Milling Law Firm, where he represents citizens and small businesses in Courts across the State on a variety of issues. Beyond his involvement in school, Jonathan has been active in youth sports, having coached youth soccer and basketball.  He also teaches Sunday School for the Youth and Children’s Ministries at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, where he helps feed the homeless and serves on the Vestry for Trinity.  

JONATHAN MILLING firmly believes to help students achieve their potential we need to have transparency at every level of the Richland One so that parents, teachers, administrators and the public as a whole can know exactly what is occurring at their schools and how tax dollars are being spent. We need to ensure that all programs are being administered fairly and effectively, and if programs aren’t assisting in our children’s education accountability requires they be changed so the needs of each student can be met. 

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